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How to discontinue usage of old PEM/PPK to access AWS Server
12 views · Aug 16, 2022
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Step By Step Article Guide:

Assume you are working in an startup company & you are full stack developer with a colleague on a project, where you both handle a server. Both you & your colleague are given a pem or ppk to get connected to aws server, Now after 1-2 years of working in the same company, your colleague resign the company or might get fired by company CEO.

Now your boss ask you to collect all the required document like pem or ppk file from your colleague who had pem file to access the server instance.

The pem file copys can be created right and anyone with pem/ppk file can easily get entry into your server instance and hack it.

Therefore its better to discontinue the old pem/ppk file to access server and instead create a new pem/ppk file for connection.

In this Tutorial let's learn how to discontinue a pem or ppk file to connect to server - PEM PPK file access removal
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