CMD line-tools component is missing
CMD line-tools component is missing

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So when you run flutter doctor you get warning saying:-

Android tool chain – cmdline-tools component is missing

Android license status unknown – run ‘flutter doctor –android-licenses’ to accept SDK license.

Solution – cmdline-tools component is missing

Android sdkmanager not found, update to latest android SDK and ensure that the cmdline-tools is installed to resolve this.

Step to solve Android SDK command line tool issue.

Make user you are connected to internet

  1. Start Android Studio.
  2. In Menu bar goto tools > sdk manager.
  3. goto to SDK tools tab.
  4. Tick/select Android SDK command line tools
  5. Click on Apply button then OK

Screenshot step by step reference

Start/Open Android Studio IDE

Open SDK Manager by going to Tools > SDK Manager

how to open sdk manager in android studio

A New windows will popup, go to SDK Tooks section, and tick Android SDK command- line tools

how to install android SDK command-line tools

Then Click on Apply button.

At this port, you will be prompt to accept SDK license & cmd line tools accept it and done, this will download & install cmd line tools.

downloading command line tool android studio

Now, after installing commandlinetool, Come to Terminal and enter

flutter doctor

This will check if all the required platform dependencies is completed or no.

flutter doctor check up

So as you can see in above screenshot all the software/dependencies like Visual Studio, Android Studio, Android tookchain is installed properly.