LEARN DART – Basic dart programs

What is dart programming

A Dart programming language is an open-source, general purpose, object oriented programming language which make use of C-style syntax.

Who developed dart? => The Dart language is developed by Google in 2011.

The main purpose of developing dart language is to make easy in creating front end user interface for web and mobile app development.

Dart is compiled language so, it can’t be executed directly; instead, the compiler will parse it and send it to machine code.

dart supports the common concepts like classes, interface, functions. similar to any other programming language.

Note: Dart does not support creating arrays directly, in fact it supports collection, which is same as like of array types.

The below code is simple dart program:

void main() {  

  for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++) {  

    print('hello ${i + 1}');  



Here are some basic programs that every programmer should know to learn dart

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Enum in dart language