Flutter interview question and answer 2020
Flutter interview question and answer 2020

Hi Guys, Welcome to Proto Coders Point, This article will be on interview questions asked for flutter job profile for fresher. Flutter Developer job interview questions and answers for beginners.

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flutter job interview

Flutter interview questions for freshers

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1. What is Flutter?


A Flutter is Cross platform development toolkit by Google, which help to deploy on multiple platform like ANDROID,IOS & WEB with single codebase & Flutter gives a greate UI design quality.

2. What are the advantage of flutter app?


The most popular advantabe of flutter framework are:

  • Cross-platform development
  • Faster development
  • Good Community Support
  • Live and Hot Reloading feature
  • Minimal code
  • UI focused
  • easy to understand flutter Documentation.

3. What are the type of widget in flutter?


In Flutter dart, everything view is an widget.

But Mainly, There are two types of widgets in flutter

  • StateFull Widget.
  • StateLess Widget.

When Flutter Interviewer ask you the above question, then there are many chances they he/she may also ask you the Question 4 i.e.

4. What is the difference between StateFull Widget and StateLess Widget?


In StateFull Widget class, Holds state of the widgets & can we rebuilt with state change, by using setState() method;

Whereas, in StateLess Widget as built only once when it been created or when parent changes. (we can’t change stateless widget on data change).

5. How to access screen size in flutter?

This question may come in various kinds, the Interviewer may ask you how to access pixel density in flutter or he might ask you how to access aspect ration in flutter.


We can access screen size and other properties like pixel density, aspect ratio etc with the help of MediaQuery.




6. What is Provider & How it works?


Provider is a simplest way to handle state management.

The Flutter Provider works on a concept of PUB-SUB, Which means there is one provider & multiple Subscriber, Here Subscriber is Consumer.

Wherever any data change occurred, with notifyChangeListener it will get updated to all the consumer.

7. What are the best Editor for Flutter development?


The best flutter editor tools make flutter development faster and smooth,

Flutter IDE need some plugin to develop mobile application.

The popular IDE tools for flutter development are :

  • Android Studio.
  • Visual Studio.
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • XCode

8. What is pubspec.yaml file?


9. How to access native feature of a platform?


We can access native feature of a particular platform by making use of Method Channel in flutter.

10. What is Scaffold in Flutter?

In flutter scaffold widgedis a basic material design layout structure. It has various properties like you can implement Appbar, BottomAppBar, FloatingActionButton, Drawer, BottomNavigationBar & much more.

By using Scaffold widget you can easily change the appearance of your flutter app.

11. What is SafeArea flutter?

In Flutter SafeArea Widget is very important widget, That automatically make user interface dynamic, basically SafeArea is simple a padding which simply add a padding depending on the device app is running.

12. What is Flex Flutter?

By using Flex widget in flutter user can alter/change the axis along with it child. Flexible widget are very important to make the flutter application responsive.

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