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Flutter random word generator, nouns, verbs, names, sentences

Flutter Random Word Generator
Flutter Random Word Generator

Hi Guys, Welcome to Proto Coders Point, In this Flutter Article let’s checkout how to generate a random word in flutter dart. first by picking a randon word from a given list and second exampe by using a word_generator flutter library.

Generate random nouns example in flutter dart

Below is an dart program example to generate random nouns:

import 'dart:math';

void main() {
  List<String> nouns = [
  Random random = Random();
  int randomIndex = random.nextInt(nouns.length);
  String randomNoun = nouns[randomIndex];

In above Program we have a list of noun words created, Then we make use of Random class from math package that will generate a random number from 0 to the length of the list, and thus us use this random number and retrieve a noun list index and print it on console.

Flutter dart program to generate a random word

In above program we saw that we created a list of word and randomly pick a word from the list, but suppose you want to generate a random word without predefined list of words.

Here is one way by by which we can generate random nouns or words without using pre-defined words list is by using flutter word generator library.

First add the dependency in your flutter project

open pubspec.yaml file and under dependencies section add:


Generate Random Nouns in flutter dart

import 'package:word_generator/word_generator.dart';

void main() {
  String randomNoun = WordGenerator().randomNoun()

Generate Random Verbs in flutter dart

 void main() {
        String randomNoun = WordGenerator().randomVerb()

Generate Random Sentence using word generator

void main() {
        String randomNoun = WordGenerator().randomSentence();

Generate Random Names in flutter dart

void main() {
        String randomNoun = WordGenerator().randomName()

Generate Random usernames in dart

The below Code will generate a random name using word generator package, We need to make the username in such a ways that it dont contain space and should be in lowercase.

String randomNoun = WordGenerator().randomName();
String username = randomNoun.toLowerCase().replaceAll(' ', '');