how to generate random number in dart
generate random number in dart

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In this dart tutorial (article), we will learn how to generate random number in dart.

In Dart programming, A Random number are often used in flutter application where a user can generate a unique key number.

What is Random Number in dart program?

In dart, A Random Number is a randomly generated from a large set of numbers & select a number using some mathematical algorithm.

Generating random number are commonly implemented in many flutter application having a feature like OTP verification for user SignIn.

One of the best example where dart random number in range is implemented is dice game, whenever a dice is thrown we get a fixed range of random number ranging between 1 – 6.

Dart Random class – In math package

In dart, we have a class named “Random” which is used to generate random integer number, bool , random decimal number.

Note: To use Random class in dart, we must import ‘dart:math’ packagem because Random Class is defined in dart:math package.

It can generate random booleon, integer and double value by using its method provided.

Method on Math.random class

nextBool() =>Generate either true or false randomly.
nextDouble() => Generate an positive floating point number ranging from 0.0 to 1.0.
nextInt(int max) => Generate a positive number range from 0 to max(as defined)
Eg: random.nextInt(6); // Here 6 is a range, number will generate from 0 – 6.

Dart Porgram to generate random number bool, int, double

1. Dart Program random number

import 'dart:math';

void main() {
  var random = new Random();

   print(random.nextBool()); //true or false

   print(random.nextInt(75)); // number between 0 - 75

   print(random.nextDouble());  // double value 0.0 to 1.0

dart random number output

2. How to generate fixed digit number

Eg: Generate a fixed 5 digit or 6 digit random number.

import 'dart:math';

void main() {

     var rng = new Random();
     var rand = rng.nextInt(90000) + 10000;

So in above dart code, you can get a random number in range 00000 to 90000 and add 10000 to it. you always get a 5 digit random number generated.

5 digit random number dart

3. How to get dart random number between range. Eg : 50 – 100

import 'dart:math';

void main() {
  var random = new Random();
  print(''); //just for next line space in output

  print(' Random Number from 0 - 50 :  ${next(0, 50,random)}');


int next(int min, int max,Random rand) => min + rand.nextInt(max - min);
dart random number between range

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