How to Install ubuntu on Windows using WSL

Hi Guys, Welcome to Proto Coders Point. In this Article let’s Install ubuntu on windows by using Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

So basically WSL will install the complete Ubuntu Linux Terminal envirnoment into your windows Operation System as a subsystem.

By installing WSL you can access Linux terminal & it’s file system on Windows and develop cross platform application without leaving windows.

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Below are the Step to use WSL to Install ubuntu Terminal in Windows.

  1. Windows OS Requirement to install WSL

    To use WSL and install ubuntu, you need to first check your system OS specification
    1. OS – Windows 10 & above.
    2. Wins Build version should be 19041 and higher.

  2. Update Windows

    If installed version of Windows is less then 19041 then you need to update Windows, So To update to latest windows version -> In Search box search for Windows Update, open it and Check for Update.

  3. Open command Prompt

    Now Open cmd, and make sure you run it as adminstration.

  4. Install Ubuntu on Windows

    Now, In cmd prompt, you just need to type below WSL command.

    wsl --install

    This will Download and Install virtual machine with ubuntu on windows

  5. Restart your Computer

    Now, Once ubuntu is been installed in windows, To affect the changed you need to restart your Computer.

  6. Ubuntu setup on windows

    Then, After restarting, a ubuntu cmd will get opened automatically, On that window it will say “Installing ubuntu, Please wait for few minutes”. Once it get completed…
    It will ask you to enter username & password.
    Now you have successfully installed Ubuntu on Windows using WSL.WSL install windows

Video Tutorial on WSL