flutter 3.22
flutter 3.22

Hi Guys, Welcome to Proto Coders Point. In this Flutter Article let’s check out what’s new with flutter version 3.22.

Flutter 3.22

Performance Enhancements

Web Assemble Support: This stable release brings WebAssembly support to Flutter for improved web app performance.

Vulkan Backend for Impeller: This provides smoother graphics and better performance on Android devices.

Platform View Performance on IOS: Except smoother scorlling and overall performance for platform views on iOS devices.

Firebase Integration: Their was an issue with Firebase integration which is been been resolved now, ensuring smoother backend services like authentication, real-time databases, and analytics​.

Improved Developer Workflow

Widget State Properties: This simplifies widget state management by separating state logic from the build method

Dynamic View Sizing: This enhances layout responsiveness by allowing widgets to determine their size based on available space.

Improved form Validation: This streamlines user input handling with better error handling and validation capabilities.

UI Components and Material Design: Updates include improved behavior of Search Anchor Tag, fixes for the visibility of clear buttons in search views, and enhanced scrolling capabilities in disabled TextFields. Padding issues in TextFields under Material 3 have also been resolved​.

Other additional Improvement in flutter 3.22

Flavor-Conditional Asset Bundling: This allows you to selectively bundle assets based on different app flavors.

Gradle Kotlin DSL Support: This improves Gradle build script editing for projects using the kotlin DSL.