windows 11 features - windows 11 compatibility

Hi Guys, In this article, we will check out new feature added into windows 11 and system requirements check if your pc/laptop support windows 11.

Before we check out windows 11 system requirement, let’s have a look towords windows 11 features.

Introduction to windows 11 awesome feature

Microsoft saying for features in windows 11:

“A new windows experience, bringing you closer to the people and things you love”

Maximize productivity:

Access more then one app by spliting windows layout screen work space, multi tasking made super ease with tools in windows like snap layout & redocking experiences.

New Ways to connect for free:

Windows 11 comes with build-in applicatioon called ‘Microsoft teams’, that helps you instantly connect to the people you love & care & it completely free to call & chat, just sign-in with microsoft.

Attact widget: that you usually use:

You can quickly setup a widget stickly in front of you like news, information & entertainment that will keep you upto date with news, info & other staff that matters to you.

Anytime – playtime:

Gaming in windows 11 made super smooth, bring gaming to a complete new level, easily search your next favourite game with xbox game, with gives you access to over 100 high quality games.

gaming in windows 11

Windows 11 minimum system requirements

Processor: 1GHz or faster with atleast 2 core on compatiable 64-bit processor. Check out the list of compatiable 64-bit processor for windows 11.

Memory RAM: 4 GB minimum.

Storage: 64 GB or larger, Works best & smooth with SSD drive.

System fireware: UEFI, secure boot.

Graphic card: Direct X 12 compatiable graphic / WDDM2X.

Display: >9″ with HD (720p).

Check weather windows 11 support your PC/Laptop

To check if your system support windows 11, microsoft have developed a app named “PC Health check app” that scans your system specification and compair with windows 11 requirements.

this pc can't run windows 11