7 Free API's to practice app development
7 Free API's to practice app development

Hi Guy’s Welcome to Proto Coders Point, In this article let’s check out 7 best Free API’s that you can use free of cost to build and practice mobile/web applications.

There are many API’s been provided free on cost on the internet, all you need to do is register and generate a API key and use those api’s to fetch/retrieve data and display on your apps.

7 Best API’s to Learn Application Development

1. MapBox API

Mapbox is an powerful API too to add accurate location data to any web/mobile applications. Mapbox web services has 4 api servicew provided like Maps, Navigation, Search, Account.

MapBox API is very useful to developers through which they can retrieve GeoCoding, Direction API & Maps & accurate location data.

.. https://docs.mapbox.com/api/


NASA API portal has an amazing data about space information, That you make use of to fetch space related info & show it on your application/project. NASA API provides free data such as imagery(space images) and other space info.

.. https://api.nasa.gov/

3. Favorite Quotes API

This API is free to use, It Provide you with all types of quotes collection.

.. https://favqs.com/api

4. Edaman API

Edaman API basically provide you the data related to food items and it’s recipes with it’s nutrient value in food.


5. Fake Store API

This API simply provides you E-Commerce store fake data, by using which you can build excellent e-commerce application and later use your real api while making it live to public.


6. Pokemon API

All data related to Pokemon is provided by this API, such as Pokemon Images, Names, Power, pokemon owner etc.



This API provide you video game database by which you can buuld excellent video game oriented website.



This are few free example out of many free API’s available on the internet, By using the prefect and right API, will help you building a powerful functionality into your application and practice building awesome application without writing backend service code.