dart program to convert striing to ascii value

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In the Dart tutorial (Article), We will learn a basic program every beginner programmer should know, i.e. How to convert string character to ASCII value in dart programming language(code unit).


What is ASCII value?

ASCII stands for “American Standart code for informaton exchange”. Is used for character encoding standard for electronic communication.

In simple words ASCII is a technique used to get ASCII number of a character.

Here is a ASCII value chart for you for reference.

Eg: Suppose you want ascii value of character capital ‘R’, you can check above ascii chart we have R = 82, like wise for small letter ‘r’ = 114.

Ascii in dart – code unit in dart

In dart language, ascii is also know as code unit. In dart, each character is in UTF-16 form.

dart String class we have 2 methods to get code unit of a given character or also loop to string character to get all code units by each index of string value.

Dart codeUnitAt(index) & codeUnits methods

As i said above, String class in dart has 2 main method that can be used to convert string to ASCII in dart.

1. string.codeUnitAt(index)

The codeUnitAt method is used to get ascii/code unit of character in string using it’s index value.

int codeUnitAt(int index)

It accepts a integer parameter (i.e. index) and return a integer value of ASCII code.

As you all know that index value starts from ‘0’. i.e. 0 index is the first character of a string, 1 is second character of a string and so on. Have a look to example.

String name = "PROTO CODERS POINT";
dart string memory allocation

so if you want to convert index 0 position from string, then you can simple do it by:-

name.codeUnitAt(0);  // here 0 is index value.

1. Dart code for converting character to ascii value

import 'dart:io';

void main() {
 String ch = 'R';
 print(' ASCII value of ${ch[0]} is ${ch.codeUnitAt(0)}');


character to ascii in dart
character to ascii in dart

2. Looping through all character in string.

import 'dart:io';

void main() {
 String name = 'PROTO CODERS POINT';

 //loop to each character in string 
 for(int i = 0; i <name.length; i++){

   print(' ASCII value of ${name[i]} is ${name.codeUnitAt(i)}');




ascii dart example

2. string.codeUnits

The string.codeUnits is used to get all the ascii value / code units of a given string & it returns code unit(ascii value) in list.

defined as:

List codeUnits

To get list of code unit(ascii value) of a given string simply pass the string to this method.

Eg: String name =''RAJAT";
print("ASCII list of given string ${name.codeUnits}.
import 'dart:io';

void main() {
 String name = 'PROTO CODERS POINT';
 //returns list of code unit value.
 print('Code Unit list: ${name.codeUnits}');