Solution for flutter app not running on some devices

Hi Guys, Welcome to Proto Coders Point, I got query from one of my subscriber on youtube channel saying his flutter application is not working on some of devices.

Then i tried to solve his problem manually by myself then after some research on stackoverflow, github and all, i got to the solution.

Solution for flutter app not running on some devices

Here are some solution i have tried on my flutter app and that worked for me. (HOPE IT WORKS FOR YOU TO)

  1. Run the app on a Physical Device :
    If you are using a Emulator to test your flutter application then, just check in your physical device.
  2. Sign in config Debug / Release :
    With my experience i observed that beginner in flutter forgot to change sign in config from debug to release, if app is generated in debug mode, that particular app will not work on mobile devices where developers mode is disable.

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