Easy way to change App ICON

Hi Guys, Welcome to Proto Coders Point, In the Flutter tutorial we will generate an app icon for your flutter project Launcher icon.

To do so we gonna make use of a flutter library called Flutter Launcher Icons Generator – A True Icon.

Official Site Link: https://pub.dev/packages/flutter_launcher_icons

Brief about Flutter Launcher Icons

Flutter Launcher icons are been built so that developers can easily use them to update their flutter app icon very easily.

This Library is Fully Flexiable, as it allows us to choose for which platform you want change/update the launcher icon, and if you want to keep backup of old icon you can do it by using this library.

So let’s Begin the Process,

Note: I am using Android Studio for developing the Flutter Application and demonstrate how to generate flutter app icon.

Video Tutorial

Step 1: Create a new Flutter Project

ha ha ha, Offcourse you need a flutter project, In Android-Studio or any of your IDE create a new Flutter Project.

File => New => New Flutter Project

Give a name to your flutter project and continue.

Step 2: Add Launcher Icon Library Dependencies

Then, open pubspec.yaml file ( found in your project ) and add the following dependencies line.

    sdk: flutter
  flutter_launcher_icons: "^0.7.3"   #this line

After that add flutter_icons with image path that you want to make as your application launcher icons.

  android: true
  ios: true
  image_path: "images/icons/protocoderpoint.png" #


android: true: by setting it to true launcher icon will be created for android and ios devices.

image_path: is the path of the image that you want to make or generate app icon as your application 1 launcher icon.

Here is an Example of how my pubspec.yaml file looks after adding dev_dependencies and flutter_icons.

flutter launcher icon add dev dependencies

Step 3: Create an image directory path and add image assets

Now, you need to add the image that you want to generate app icon, for that you need to create image directory and paste a image in it.

creating new assets folder in flutter project to store images

Right click on your project => New > Directory then Create a folder by name image.

as you can see in above screenshot i have protocoderspoint.png image inside image/icons/protocoderspoint.png

Final Step 4: Run the Command to generate app icons

In your IDE there might be terminal/command prompt.

Open it and run 2 commands as given below.

flutter pub get   #get all the new/latest packaged from dependencies

flutter pub run flutter_launcher_icons:main  # this command generate 0 launcher icon for you in your project

The above command will create different size mipmap image for android and assets app Icon  for iOS devices.

flutter launcher icon creating using library

Final Result – true icon

once your run the above command the app launcher image will get automatically created as shown below.

icon created for your application launcher icon flutter

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