Flutter Windows Build - Create .MSIX Of Flutter Project
Flutter Windows Build - Create .MSIX Of Flutter Project

Hi Guys, Welcome to Proto Coders Point. In this tutorial will learn how to create installer of flutter app for flutter windows application.

I have already wrote an article on flutter windows installer, Create exe installer for windows application where i have made use of external software i.e. inno setup for creating exe install of flutter application.

How to use Flutter MSIX to create ....
How to use Flutter MSIX to create .msix windows installer - MicroSoft Store

This tutorial article is completely different, we are going to make use of flutter library i.e flutter msix, to create installer of flutter app.

About Flutter MSIX

The fluter MSIX is basically a command-line tool by which we can create MSIX installer of flutter windows build application, Therefore it make easy process to launch flutter windows app on Microsoft stores.

How to use flutter MSIX

To use MSIX flutter, We must add the package as dev dependencies in our flutter project as external library, so that we can access msix from command line terminal.

So lets do it step by step

Adding flutter MSIX

In flutter project, Open pubspec.yaml file, then under dev dependencies section add:-

  msix: ^3.4.1
flutter msix
flutter msix

or else

Add dev dependencies using terminal command as below

flutter pub add --dev msix

How to create flutter MSIX installer

To create flutter msix installer, you need to just run below command in terminal of IDE.

flutter pub run msix:create

so this will create .msix installer of flutter windows build version under project folder at path:

Project > build > windows > runner > Release

flutter pub run msix create installer

but before creating flutter windows installer, we must config the installer. so let learn how to do it.

Configuring flutter msix

So as i said, before creatinf flutter msix installer, we must config the app by giving application title, icon, display name, publisher name, application verion, application logo & the capabilities of the application.

So to add all this msix config, by adding declaration in pubspec.yaml file as msix_config: as soon below.

under pubspec.yaml file

  display_name: Proto Coders Point
  publisher_display_name: Proto Coders Point
  identity_name: com.example.liquidswipetut
  logo_path: F:\pic's\Proto Coders Point\logo150.png
  publisher: CN=BF212345-5644-46DF-8668-012044C1B138
  store: true
  capabilities: internetClient
configuring msix flutter .JPG

Aftering adding the above config parameter/details, Now run the above msix create command i.e flutter pub run msix:create

And here is the flutter windows installer file been created.

How to publish flutter app on microsoft store

For publishing flutter app n microsoft store, you need to use a flag i.e โ€“store while creating msix installer.

flutter pub run msix:create --store

Read & learn after msix on official site

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