Website 90% of Programmer Don't Know
Website 90% of Programmer Don't Know

I am sure that almost 90% Software Developer / Programmers don’t know about the killer websites.

In this Blog, I will share those awesome websites that every software developer should know and use it.


DevDocs provides a collection documentation of all the programming into one that can we easily searchable. You can access documentation pertaining to a multitude of programming languages and technologies in a centralized location.


css are used in web development, so if you want to get strong in website designing using CSS then is the place where you can master web application development.

css tricks com


OverAPI provides you a cheat sheets for majority of programming tips and tricks, This website is best for all software developers who want to to quickly find a solution and implement it in projects.


If you are a programming content creator, you might be sharing your code on social media with your audience, By using website can can create a beautiful screenshots of your codes and share the image on your social media account.



This is a Website and share daily developer feeds, Here you get daily news articles related to technology. The tag line is Where Developers grow together, Using this you can make learning a daily habit.

daily dev


Code beautify is a website through which you can make your source code look more attractive and the code can be clear and readable.

code beautify


Showwcase is a social media website specially for software developer who can build community and show case their projects and find new opportunities.


This website provides roadmaps, guidelines, and other educational content to assist developers in choosing a path and directing their learning. It is very helpful for a beginner as well as a learner who needs guidance.

roadmap sh