How to Improve Programming Logic

Here are 10 tips on:

How to improve logical thinking for programming.

1. Keep the concept clear

Always Keep your base strong, I mean to say keep basic of a programming language strong. In order to solve any real world problem by coding you should be cleared with the concepts.

2. Be Consistent

Is you are beginner in coding/programming practicising coding on daily will build you core. Take one problem: solve it, There is a quote : “Practice Makes a man perfect”. The same applies in programming world.

Practicing consistently will improve you coding and logic thinking.

3. Think with a Pen and Paper

Then you have coding don’t directly start typing on you IDE, “Programming is Thinking first, Typing later”. Think clearly about the problem and how you can solve it, and in how many ways. To find a best ways use Pen & Paper.

4. Learn New Things daily

Keep yourself updated with latest technologies arrived in software world, Any courier field you choose of has a life long learning. You aim in life should be in solving latest problem that come in your life or in code, don’t be stuck into a old pattern or algorithm logic and search for success.

5. Mathematical Concepts should be strong

In programming, Mathematics plays information role when applying logic while coding. Be good in Maths took to improve your programming skills.

No need to be super strong in mathematics but you should at least have high school level math knowledge.

6. Build Projects

The best thing to do to improve logic in coding is by building real project by yourself like a full stack developer who build complete project by himself by this you will get good knowledge in frontend as well as backend.

All you need to do is search for a company who assigns freelances projects.

7. Preparations of notes

Making Notes is boring, But preparing it will makes you learn new technology and you will remember for a long and also the concept will be clearer as you theoretically write in on a book.

8. Break the problem into smaller sub-tasks.

Once you get a real time projects to be done, break a complete project into small small tasks. Like this you can learn faster and complete it sooner.

9. Participate in coding events

If there is any coding competition going on in your town, take part in those coding event that will make your coding logic to build faster, And you will come across to many programming and explore the coding world more.

10. Be Patience in learning

In life to achieve anything you need to be patience. Likewise to develop coding logic, you have be consistent in practicing and patience.

I seen many people who comes into programming and after few days they leave the field just because they go stuck into a problem.