Connect FileZilla to Google Cloud

Hi Guys, Welcome to Proto Coders Point, In this Tutorial, we will Install gcloud windows 10 (Google Cloud SDK windows) and set up Google Compute Engine VM Instance, and connect FileZilla to google cloud to transfer files to your Google Cloud System.

How to download Google Cloud SDK Installer?

There are many ways by which you can install gcloud SDK on your OS, The best and easy way to install it is by using gcloud SDK installer

Download it from here, The Official gcloud website. google cloud sdk download

gcloud installer
gcloud installer

The Setup process is very simple, you just need to click next, next, next and Install.

Note: System must be connected with Internet as Installer need to download gcloud packages which may be about 450mb

Download and Install FileZilla

In this Tutorial, we are going to learn about How to use FileZilla to upload files to google cloud compute engine VM instance.

To do so, First we need to download FileZilla, So to download FileZilla please Visit

Yes, After downloading Filezilla, just install it in your system by launching the setup and just hit next next, install.

Now FileZilla and Gcloud  is Successfully installed in your system

Connect FileZilla to Google cloud

Step 1: Launch gcloud SDK shell

gcloud sdk shell

Launch gcloud sdk shell run as Adminstration

gcloud auth login

now run ‘gloud auth login’ as shown in above screenshot, this command will open your default browser or ask you permission to select a browser.

Note: Keep your Google account signed in so that process will be must faster.

Then it will ask you some permission to allow access to google cloud SDK.

Just hit that Allow button

authenticated with the google cloud SDK

Now you have Successfully connect command shell with google cloud.

Step 2 : Generate filezilla ppk file

Then, you need to generate .ppk file so that you can add it to SFTP in your filezilla settings to connect to gcloud system.

To generate .ppk file you need to run gcloud command of your Compute Engine VM Instance

to get that command go to your Google Cloud Console > open Compute Engine → VM instance → Select VM Instance and Copy gcloud command line under SSH.

view gcloud command vm instance

NOTE: Below command is my gcloud computer engine number, so don’t run the below command as it is, to get your system command follow above steps properly.

Then Copy your system gcloud command and paste in your gcloud SDK shell.

gcloud command to generate ppk
genetated ppk file

This Command will generate .ppk file that need to add in filezilla SFTP settings.

Now we are done with generating google_compute_engine.ppk file now you need to add this file  in your Filezilla SFTP settings.

Step 3 : FileZilla SFTP setting add new key .ppk file

Now launch FilaZilla software and add the new key

go to Edit > setting and add the ppk file you have generated using gcloud command, as shown in below screenshot

setting sftp in filezilla setting

Step 4 : Add your Google Site to FileZilla

Go to File > Site Manager and add new site

filezilla google cloud site manager add

protocal : select SFTP

host : get the host ip address of you google cloud system in Compute Engine VM Instance. as shown below

how to get my google cloud ip address

username  and password will be same as your google account first name For example : my name is Rajat Palankar so my username and passwork will be rajat.

and then just hit the connect button, now filezilla will get connected to your google cloud system.

filezilla connected successfully to google cloud system

Step 5 : Change Owner of /var/www/html ( Optional )

By Default, the permission of file path /var/www/html will be  _rw_r__r__ and by this you can’t save or make changed or create a new file, to do so you need to change the Owner of that path. then now you can use Filezilla to transfer files

sudo chown username -R /var/www/html
change file owner


In this Tutorial article we learned how to install gcloud in windows, how to generate .ppk file using gcloud command and then use that .ppk file to connect to google cloud compute engine VM Instance using FileZilla