Mobile Application Development in 2020
Mobile Application Development in 2020

Hi Guys, welcome to Proto Coders Point. This article will be learning all about the Future of Mobile Application Development in 2020.

What is Mobile Application Development ?

Basically a Mobile Application Development is a process of designing a Beautiful UI Mobile app for mobile Devices, In the Process of developing a mobile application a developer will pre-install on his mobile as a part of testing process to test all the modules. During this process any mobile app developer must consider a different screen size , hardware specofication and he should also need to the app in different version of mobile OS.

Mobile Application Development has been steadily growing in couple of years and this mobile application industry is generating lot of revenues and also creating best software development job for graduate.

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Benefits of Mobile App Development?

In modern days mobile technology has been boosted, now a days mobile application is blended with all the business operation and also build opportunity to boost sales in market.

Mobile Technology is been used to send notification to their customer about the new products that is be launched, we can also use online coupons for discounts offers.

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Now a days SmartPhones are been used all most every where in this earth and mobile usage is been increasing day by day.

Platform for mobile Applocation Development in 2020

  • Front-end development tools
  • Back-end servers
  • Security add-on layers
  • System Software
  • Mobile app testing

Front-end development tools

In Front End Developement all the focus will be on creating a best user interface and also user experience (UI-UX Designing), that makes users of the application attracted to the app.

Front-end development

Back-end Servers

The Back-End is a place where all the server side code get executed, that receives a request from a client(user) for some data, then the server sends back the requested data to the client(user), In back-end it also include the database where all the data will be stored.

back end servers

Security add-on layers

In every field their must be a security layers where users data will be hidden from out-side world, this Create safety for the application user.

  • App wrapping for security
  • Data encryption
  • Client actions
  • Reporting and statistics

Mobile Testing

In mobile testing the developed app is been tested in different version of OS, and even the app is been tested using VPN to change the current location and check if data is been transmited properly to our targated location.

mobile app testing process

  • Google Android Emulator – The Developer makes use of Google Emulator which is basically runs on android OS.
  • Testing mobile Device –  The app developer can also test the application in his own testing mobile device.

Most Commonly used Tools in mobile Application Development

Here are some commonly used tools in market today in 2020

Android – Studio :

Before, In android application development we where making use of java as programming language but now Google came with it’s own android development language called Kotlin.

In android Development we make use of IDE (Integrated Development Envirnoment) tools called Android-Studio.

Download link is here

android studio IDE

Android uses Dalvik ( discontinued process virtual Machine ) to execute application written for android OS. Therefore android application can only run on android devices.

The best thing for developer is that android-studio is completly free to use and develop best android application.

Unity Game Engine

Unity is a cross- platform application development mostly know as game engine which is developed by Unity Technology.

It was first released in JUNE 2005 at Apple Inc.

The Unity editor is supported on all the OS such as windows and maxOS.

This Unity Engine is more powerful for building games for more then 25 different platforms including mobile, desktop, consoles, and virtual reality.

Programming language used in unity game development are C#, JavaScript, Boo, other .NET-based languages

Unity Game Engine

This tools free for beginners for low level Game application development but to development high end games you need to buy commercial development licenses.

Flutter Application Development

The Flutter is a cross platform development framework introduced by Google, Flutter Application is done using Dart programming language – dart language is very simple language for any developer who knows basic of java development.

Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase.

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To develop an app using Flutter you need make use of an IDE ( either android-studio, xCode , IntelliJ IDEA )

here is a artitcle on how to install flutter in android-studio ?

List Of Top Best Mobile App Development Companies India

mobile app development companies

  1. Konstant Infosolutions
  2. Openxcell
  3. Hidden Brains InfoTech
  4. MacAppStudio
  5. SourceBits
  6. IndiaNIC InfoTech
  7. Appinventiv

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