Most Utilized API Protocal Architecture
Most Utilized API Protocal Architecture

Now a day in tech industry, Several API(Application Programming Interface) protocols and architectures are been widely used to build application. Keep in mind that this protocols has evolved more popularity since then. Her are some of the most utilized API protocols in industries right now.

1. MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport)

If an Lightweight & efficient messaging protocol that is specially built for low-bandwidth, high-latency or unreliable network. The MQTT protocol is originally developed by IBM in 1990’s and from that time to current time it is been widely used in Internet of Things(IoT) basically it is an publish-subscribe messaging protocol for efficient data exchange between devices using mqtt secure order.
( MQTT a best for option for IOT to application communication in real-time)


2. GraphQL

This technology is an Query language that allows clients to request exactly the data that is needed, The GraphQL API’s is built that enables a client to request specific set of data and reduce fetching extra or under-fetching(means data getting lost can be handled here).
(Query Language for flexible data retrieval.)


3. SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)

SOAP is a protocol that is used in exchanging structured information for web services. In SOAP it use XML format for messages. SOAP can handle various lowe-level protocol which Include HTTP, SMTP and more.
(Web Service Protocol for structured data exchange)


4. Webhook

A Webhook uses event or trigger based real-time data to another application. Webhook basically enable a way of communication between systems by allowing one system to provide data to another system. Webhook is simple words are HTTP callbacks that send real-time data to a specified URL when a specific event occurs.
( Event Notification Mechanism)


5. REST (Representational State Transfer)

This Architecture is a designed networded application with is standardized HTTP methods(like GET, POST, PUT and DELETE). REST API’s usually used JSON format data to communicate.
( Web Service Architecture for stateless communication)


6. WebSocket

A WebSocket are Full-duplex communication protocol over a single TCP connection, allowing interactive and real-time data exchange.
( Real-time Communication Protocol.)