state management for flutter

In Flutter, Choosing a right State management Library is Crucial for your flutter project and it future, In the sense choosing right State Management can be greate for your flutter project like maintainability, performance and development cost and the application speed.

The Choice of State Management Library/Dependencies depends on various factors like:

  • Project Size
  • Complexity
  • Time Frame
  • Team Size
  • Code Quality

Learn about different State Management

Below are few Dependencies or Library that support state management for flutter ecosystem.

1. setState: This is an in-Built and simple state management provided by flutter itself. This can be used when you are building small application which has limited user interaction and changes in states.

2. Provider: This is one of the popular package when it comes with state management, It uses the InheritedWidget mechanism to manage state efficiently. Flutter Provider is suitable when you are build medium-sized flutter application provides a balance between simplicity & flexibility.
straightforward solution for managing state without boilerplate codes.

3. BLoC: This stands for Business Logic Component (BLoC): The BLoC mainly focus on state management using stream and events. This Library is popular when you are building larger & more complex project. Should be used when developing flutter application that has lot of user interaction.

4. GetX: This package not only provide state management it also comes with varieties of utilities, like dependencies injection, getx state management, pop up, Internationalization, Route management, change theme and more. it’s well know for it’s simplicity as it is easily to understand and the app performance is also high using getx for state management.

5. Riverpod: This package is advanced provider package that offer a strong dependencies injection and state management capabilities. This is best to use when your flutter project require high and complex data management & scalability.

Please note that, There’s no one fit answer to choosing a state management for your flutter project. It all depend on the project complexity and your software developer who has great knowledge on state management.