redux interview questions with answers
redux interview questions with answers

Hi Guy’s In this Article let’s check out 5 Interview Question that are very important and can be asked to you in your next Interview.

Redux: Commonly used while build Reach Application, Redux Help you in managing the state of the application in a more structured and scalable way. It helps in maintaining the state of the entire application in a single source of storage, making it easier to manage, debug, and test while building application using React.

5 Interview Question with Answer on Redux

1. What are the 3 Core Principles of Redux?

  • Single Source of Truth.
  • State is read-only.
  • Changes are made with pure functiions.

2. How Does Redux handle Asynchronous Operations?

Redux is an synchronous, but you can handle asynchronous operations using middleware like Redux Thunk & Redux Saga.

3. Implement Server-Side Rendering with Redux?

  1. Create a Redux Store on the server for each request.
  2. Dispatch actions to fetch and populate data.
  3. Render the app to a string with the server store.
  4. Embed the initial state in the HTML response.
  5. Rehydrate the state on the client with the initial state.

4. How can you Persist the Redux State Across Sessions?

To persist the Redux state, you can use middleware like redux-persist.

5. Best practices for Structuring Redux Applications?

  1. Organize files by feature/module.
  2. Colocate selectors & actions with reducers.
  3. Combine actions, reducers and types in single file.
  4. Use entities & ids to avoid deeply nested structures.