Android emulator was killed
Android emulator was killed

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So, I just tried starting AVD Android Emulator but what was actually happening is, when i start Emulator it was showing connecting to the emulator & suddenly it showed android emulator was killed.

Then, i tried some solution from stackoverflow and found a solution that worked for me. so just thought to share about this to you.

So here are some solution you need to try. The Solution 1 worked for me.

Solution 1: Check your drive free space( This worked for me)

I have a SSD drive, where my windows OS is installed & Android Studio is allso installed in SSD for fast loading with Emulator.

Android Studio Emulator consume atleast 8 GB of space in C: drive, Then if there is no space in C: drive & you try to start Android emulator then due to low storage, android emulater will kill itself.

Please check drive C:, it should have atleast 10 GB of free memory for emulator to run smoothly.

Solution 2: intel x86 Emulator Accelerator update

Check if you have installed ‘‘intel x86 Emulator Acceleration” SDK tools, if YES check if it updated else just install it and keep it up-to-date.

Android-Studio > Tools > SDK Manager > SDK Tools(Tab) > tick [intel x86 Emulator Accelerator(HAXM installer)] and update it.
android studio install intel x86 emulator accelerator

Solution 3: Install/Update Android Emulator SDK tools

There might be some issue if you are using lower version of SDK tools Android Emulator =, so kindly be updated with latest version of android Emulator.

Android-Studio > Tools > SDK Manager > SDK Tools(Tab) > tick [Android Emulator] and update it
android emulator sdk tools install