ADB over wifi - run android project wirelessly
ADB over wifi - run android project wirelessly

Hi Guys, Welcome to Proto Coders Point. In this tutorial will learn How to run a app on your Android device without USB, ADB over WiFi: What You Need to Know, so basically will debug android project & run on physical device wirelessly through WiFi.

So with latest release of android studio i.e. bumblebee 2021.1.1, There is a new feature been added, ADB over WiFi, have a ability to run/debug native android or flutter project wirelessly using WiFi, so there is not need of USB debugging to connect mobile to laptop for debugging/run android project.

ADB over WiFi – Android Wireless debugging

Mandatory requirement to run app on mobile wirelessly – ADB over wifi

  1. Android Studio Bumblebee – 2021.1.1 or above version.
  2. Physical Mobile device should have android 11 or +.
  3. PC/Laptop & phone should be connected to same wifi network.

Let’s get started

Android studio bumble bee – Wireless debugging over wifi

Video Tutorial

Let’s connect physical device through WiFi to run android project wirelessly on phone.

1. Update IDE to Bumblebee

The first step is to check if your android studio IDE is 2021.1.1 i.e bumblebee, if not then update it.

IDE Menubar -> Help -> check for updates...

A stable version of bumblebee

Studio update to Bumblebee
Studio update to Bumblebee

You can read the list of new feature added in android studio bumblebee, one of them is ADB over Wi-Fi.

Preparing IDE for update

Restart IDE ater upgrade

android studio bumblebee 2021.1.1

2. Enable Wireless debugging on android 11

Note: Only available on Android 11 & above.

In your android phone, first of all:

Enable developer debugging option for that goto settings -> about -> build number (Tap on it 5 times to enable developer options).

Then Settings -> System -> Advanced -> developer option, Now you will see wireless debugging tap on toggle button to turn on/off, A pop will appear “Allow wireless debugging on this network”, Tap allow.

Enable Wireless Debugging
Enable Wireless Debugging
llow access for ADB over wifi
Allow access for ADB over wifi

3. Pair Device with QR code/pairing code

Now in Setting -> System -> Advanced -> developer option -> wireless debugging, being in that screen.

Types of wifi pairing
Types of wifi pairing

As you can see, there are 2 ways to pair new device to IDE for Wireless wifi debugging.

  1. Pair device with QR code: From mobile you need to scan a QR code that appear on android studio IDE to pair through WiFi.
  2. Pair device with pairing code. You will get 6 digit wifi pairing code, that you need to enter in IDE to get paired.

We are done with mobile side, let’s go to IDE.

4. Android Studio IDE – Pair using WiFi – device manager

In IDE -> Menubar -> Tools -> Device Manager.

Click on Physical -> Pair using WiFi.

device manager - Pair using wifi
device manager – Pair using wifi

Pair using QR code

Here you just need to scan the QR code from your physical android device and your device will get connected to IDE for wireless debugging.

QR code to pair wifi connection for wireless debug
Scan this QR code to pair wifi connection for wireless debug
Pair using QR Code – device connected

Pair using pairing code

As I said above, your mobile device will give you a pairing code, that you need to enter into IDE to getting connected to wireless debugging.

pair using pairing code
pair using pairing code
pair using pairing code
pair using pairing code