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This Flutter Tutorial is the 3 part of Getx Firebase Authentication, so in this Flutter Dev Tutorial we will add one more feature i.e. Google Sign In using which your application user can easily make use of google authentication to sign in/ get authorized to your app.

Video Tutorial on Firebase Flutter Google Sign In using GetX

Flutter Firebase Google Sign In method – Getx firebase Authentication

Method in GetXController Class

Firebase GoogleSignIn.SignIn() method

 GoogleSignIn googleSignIn = GoogleSignIn(scopes: ['email']);  //initialization with scope as Email

void google_signIn() async{

    final GoogleSignInAccount googleUser = await googleSignIn.signIn();  //calling signIn method // this will open a dialog pop where user can select his email id to signin to the app

    final GoogleSignInAuthentication googleAuth = await googleUser.authentication;  

    final AuthCredential credential = GoogleAuthProvider.getCredential(
      idToken: googleAuth.idToken,                                           //create a login credential
      accessToken: googleAuth.accessToken

    final User user = (await _auth.signInWithCredential(credential).then((value) => Get.offAll(Dashboard())));  //if credential success, then using _auth signed in user data will be stored 


GoogleSignIn.SignOut() method

Using which user can easily signout from your flutter application.

void google_signOut() async{
   await googleSignIn.signOut().then((value) => Get.offAll(LoginPage()));

This will signOut the user and navigate the use back to LoginPage().

You just need to call the above GetX method to GoogleSignIn when a Raised button is been pressed

you can easily do it by making use of GetX Controller.


         onTap: (){
           print("Google Clicked");
           controller.google_signIn();   // calling getx controller method, when a image icon is been taped
         child: Container(
           width: 30,
           height: 30,
           child: SvgPicture.asset("images/assets/google.svg"),

Then this icon will be taped, a google_signIn method will get called. then the user will be shown a dialog with google gmail signIn.


google gmail sign in flutter
google gmail sign in flutter

Then, to Sign out, from dashboard user can do it simply by pressing on a signOut button

 RaisedButton(onPressed: (){
   child: Text("Sign out Google Sign in"),

This button, when pressed will call getx controller signout method

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