Flutter Intro ppt
Flutter Intro ppt

Hi Guys, Welcome to Proto Coders Point. This Atricle will be on Introduction to flutter with free to download flutter ppt.

Building Mobile application has lots of scope in coming days because mobile industry is growing rapidly, now every one in this world has atleast one mobile in hand, not only elder people even small kids are now using mobile to entertain them by using some kind of mobile application.

You may find many framework using which you can develop application, Like Android is a native framework that uses java/kotlin and iOS framework tht uses Objective-C/Swift Language.

So to just native application for different Operating System, In old days we used to code twice/thrice different languages to host our application of Android/iOS/Web.

But now with Flutter we can code only once and distribute on all the platform by using creating respective build version.

Flutter Introduction

Flutter is framework created by google. A cross-platform framework used to develop application for:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web
  • and Desktop

To build flutter application we make use of Dart Programming language which is also been created by google itself.

Why Flutter for App Development

1. Flutter open source: Flutter is Open-Source framework. Therefore, anyone can use it for any given purpose.

2. Faster development Cycle: Flutter is so fast that it takes less then 30 sec for first full compilation. Comes with Hot-Reload & Hot-Restart.

3. Super Productive: Comes with Hot-Reload & Hot-Restart. Due to Stateful widget hot-reload feature Flutter is very fast iterative coding style.

4. Ease to learn & code sharing: Any one who have basic knowledge of OOPS Concept & UI Designing can easily learn Flutter.

5. Widget Libraries: Ready to use widget, Flutter have many widget that you can use to build flutter application.Such as : http, get, share plus, toggle switch etc.

6. Community Support: Flutter Community is bit small if we compare with other framework like React, But Flutter is grow very fast then other framework.

Apps that are build using Flutter

flutter showcase

1. Dream 11

dream11 flutter
dream11 flutter

2. eBay

flutter ebay app
flutter ebay app

3. Stadia gaming platform.

stadia flutter app
stadia flutter app

4. Google Pay – UPI Payment App

flutter google pay app
flutter google pay app

Feature of Flutter

  • Cross Platform App Development.
  • Easy access to Native Features.
  • Minimal Coding.
  • Fast Development
  • Hot Reload & Hot Restart

Flutter Powerpoint presentation ppt

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