how to screen mirror phone to laptop using scrcpy
how to screen mirror phone to laptop using scrcpy

Hi Guys, Welcome to Proto Coders Point, In this Article we will checkout how to screen mirror your phone to laptop using scrcpy, Basically we will cast mobile screen or project phone to laptop by using scrcpy.

Scrcpy – A Screencopy Android

The SCRCPY application is a software that is used to easily cast mobile screen to laptop and even control your mobile from laptop, This application can project phone screen to laptop or PC.

screen cpy will screen mirror android phone screen display to laptop & can be easily controlled from laptop.

The Scrcpy is a open source project.

Can scrcpy be used as wireless screen cast

You can cast screen/share screen to laptop in 2 ways:

  1. Wired: using USB connected to Phone.
  2. Wireless: over TCP/IP.

Mandatory Requirement

This are the Mandatory Requirement to share screen to laptop using scrcpy

  1. Android: Version 5.0 & above, (API level 21).
  2. Enable adb debugging.

How to Enable adb debugging

  1. Connect Android Device to Laptop via USB.
  2. Goto Settings > About Phone > Build Number.
    Click 5 Times on Build Number to turn on developer option.
  3. Search for developer Option
    Setting > System > Advanced > Developer Option. (path may very)
  4. Turn On Developer Mode and Enable USB Debugging

How to download scrcpy?

Linux: Install scrcpy on Linux OS using Terminal

Open Terminal and run below cmd

sudo apt install scrcpy

macOS: Install scrcpy on Linux OS using Terminal

Open Terminal and run below cmd

brew install scrcpy

Windows: How to scrcpy download in Windows

Download the application from above button, The Zip file will get downloaded unzip it.

How to Cast Mobile Screen to Laptop using USB Debugging – WIRED

Connect your phone to your laptop or PC and make sure USB Debugging is enabled in your mobile, Then just run scrcpy.exe file as Run As Admin.

And thus phone screen mirroring will start on your laptop through Wired.

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How to Cast Mobile Screen share to Laptop WIRELESS using TCP/IP

By using Scrcpy you can even share your mobile screen to laptop wirelessly using TCP/IP

Step to follow

  1. Both Device(Mobile & Laptop) should be connected to same Network(WIFI)
  2. Find IP Address of Mobile Device ( Goto Settings > About Phone > Status)
  3. Laptop: Turn on adb TCP/IP, Open Terminal and Run
    adb tcpip 5555
  4. Set adb connection to your device IP address
    adb connect DEVICE_IP:5555 (Replace DEVICE_IP with your mobile IP)
  5. Run scrcpy.exe as usual (run as admin)

Note: To Switch back to USB mode, run adb usb.

adb not recognized?

Set adb Path in Envirnoment System Variable


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