This keyword in javascript, call() method example.
This keyword in javascript, call() method example.

Hi Guy’s Welcome to Proto Coders Point, In this article let’s understand 'this' keyword in JavaScript and how it plays an important role in JavaScript.

The 'this' keyword is the context in which function it is defined. It is dynamically refers to object that is currently executing the function.

For better understanding let’s refer below code and learn how this keyword context works and how to make use of call() method in JavaScript that allows borrowing methods from one object to another.

Source Code

let obj1 = {
    firstName: "Rajat",
    lastName: "Palankar",
    fullName : function(){
        console.log(this.firstName + " " + this.lastName);

let obj2 = {
    firstName: "Suraj",
    lastName: "Somanche",

obj1.fullName(); //"Rajat Palankar"; // "Suraj Somnache"

In Above JS Snippet Code, we have two objects, named obj1 and obj2, each of this object containing key/Value pair properties firstName and lastName. With this obj1 has an additional method called fullName which simply logs the full name by concatenating firstName and lastName.

Now, let’s check out how the this keyword operates in the context within this fullName method.

When fullName() is called on obj1 by doing something like: obj1.fullName(), here this context refers to the obj1 object itself. Thus, this.firstName will return us “Rajat” and this.lastName will return us “Palankar”, and concat it and print “Rajat Palankar” on screen.

But what if we want to reuse the fullName method that is defined in obj1 but this context should point to obj2 object? This is when we can make use of call() method in javascript.

The call() method allows us to invoke a function with a specific this context. Here’s how it works:;

The line, obj.fullName refers to the fullName method of obj, and call(obj2) is used to invoke obj1 with obj2 as it’s this context. So, Now this context is refering to obj, In this way now, this.firstName inside the fullName function of obj1 is now refers to obj2.firstName and this.lastName refers to obj2.lastName. Consequently, “Suraj Somanche” is logged to the console.