mongodb remote connection
mongodb remote connection

Hi Guys, Welcome to Proto Coders Point. In this article will learn How to config mongodb to access globally that is mongodb remote connection, so that we can preform CRUD operation into mongo database by using Mongodb compass GUI tool by using server ip.

Basically, mongodb allow access from anywhere by using IP address & port in DB compass.

MongoDB remote connection – Globally access

1. Add global bindIp in mongod.config

To make database globally accessable, you need to change in mongod.conf file bindIP to or your server IP.

1. Open mongod.conf file

sudo vim /etc/mongod.conf

press shift + i (key) to go into INSERT mode and change bindIp to

    port: 27017

press ESC (key) to come out from INSERT mode, then press :wq to save & exit mongod.conf.

In mongod.conf file change to

2. AWS server side – give access permission TCP mongoDB port

In AWS dashboard navigate to

EC2 > Instance > click on instance ID > Security > Security groups > Edit inBound rules > Add rule

Here select type > select custom TCP & port range enter 27017( i.e. mongodb port ).

then same the rules

3. Connect to Database using MongoDB compass

Open db compass, connect > new Connection > Paste your connection string

mongodb connection url
mongodb compass connection url string

mongodb://<HOST IP>:27017/



Therefore, you have successfully, changed your database to be accessed globally using host IP.