concat list in dart flutter

Hi Guy’s Welcome to Proto Coders Point. In this flutter dart article let’s have a look into different way to concatenate 2 list in dart(how to join 2 list in flutter).

1. Using dart list class addAll() method

In Flutter dart, list class has a method addAll() using which we can easily combine 2 lists or join it and concat it as a single list.


void main() {
   List listOne = [9,8,7];
   List listTwo = [6,5,4];
   print('Output: ${listOne}');

Here listOne.addAll(listTwo), all the data in listTwo will get added in listOne.


add 2 list using addAll() method dart

2. Combine 2 list using (+) addition operation in dart

You can simply make use of Addition operator (+) to concat/add 2 list in one.


void main() {
   List num1 = [1,4,3];
   List num2 = [2,6,9];
   final List numList = num1 + num2;
   print('Output: ${numList}');


concat 2 list using addition operator

3. Concat 2 list using spread operator in flutter dart

By using spread operator you can merge 2 array list in one, “…” 3 dots indicate spread operator in flutter dart as so called as Cascade Operator. by using “…” you can combine/join 2 list data into one.


void main() {
   List pets = ['dog','cat','horse','fish'];
   List birds = ['crow','pegion','peacock'];
   final List animalList = [...pets,...birds];
   print('Output: ${animalList}');


concat list using spread operator

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