Different between Packages & Plugins Flutter
Different between Packages & Plugins Flutter

Hi Guys, Welcome to Proto Coders Point. In this flutter article let’s see the different between package & plugin in flutter.

Flutter Plugin

A Plugin will contain both a language + native code language, i.e Android (java, kotlin), iOS (Swift/Objective C) & Web, which together makes it called as plugin.

A specialized dart plugin that contain code written in dart combined with one or more platform specific (native) implementation, best example in flutter for plugin is url_launcher & flutter share plugin.

url launcher, it contain support for all platform (Android, iOS, Web & now even for desktop based application).

The code that are behind this plugin are native code, This native code are build by respective developers (android, iOS, web, desktop) & thus when this plugin are used in flutter application & run on any native platform, It will work perfectly smooth, Which makes app compactable on any platform and userfriendly.

Flutter Package:

A Package are fully written with one programming language, flutter package as example are written using dart prgramming language.
"If a Package uses any plugins in it, then it will still be called as package itself", because If I talk about development of package, you are not creating any plugin on your own, In fact you are just using plugins created by some other developer & creating yours own flutter package.

So your app need package, They’re helpful additions that make lots of things easier, some of those packages are pure dart code, those are called as package. In other hand other also includes some Java, Kotlin, Swift, JavaScript and those we call as Plugins.