ubuntu php install

Hi Guys, Welcome to Proto Coders Point. php is a programming language mostly used in website application development, Most commonly used by website such as blogging, backend API or e-commerce websites. In the tech blog post let’s learn how to install php on ubuntu 20.04 or 22.04.

Time needed: 1 minute

Just run below commands to install php on ubuntu, it’s that easy.

  1. Update apt cache

    sudo apt update

  2. Install php & all it dependencies tools

    The below cmd will install php, php-cli, php-fpm, php-json, php-common, php-mysql, php-zip, php-gd,php-mdstring and other’s

    sudo apt install php php-cli php-fpm php-json php-common php-mysql php-zip php-gd php-mbstring php-curl php-xml php-pear php-bcmath

  3. Verify if php was successfully installed

    php --version