introduction to java programming.png
introduction to java programming.png

Introduction To JAVA

JAVA is a programming language that is used in many software developments like Android App Development and much more. It is class-based and object-oriented programming whose syntax is influenced by C++. The primary goals of JAVA are to be simple, object-oriented, robust, secure, and high level. JAVA application runs on JVM (JAVA Virtual Machine).

Tutorial On JAVA Topics

VariablesLearn about variables and how they are created for storing information in memory. A variable is a container that holds the value while the java program is executed. In Java, there are 3 types of variables namely Local Variable, Static Variable, Instance Variable.
Data TypesLearn about Data Types (i.e. byte, int, char, etc) which is basically a type of information we want to store in the variable. Weather data is number, Character, or something else like boolean value.
StringThe string is nothing but a character array for example “protocoderspoint” is a string of 16 characters as shown.
KeywordsKeywords in JAVA are a predefined list of keywords which has a specific meaning and cannot be used in the Java programming language as an identifier, such as the name of a variable, method, class, function, or label.
OperatorsIn computer, a programming Operator is a symbol that tells the compiler to perform specific action which can be mathematical or logical like addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc.
Class And ObjectsThe concept of class comes into the role when we see certain types of objects or things around us and the common idea or a blueprint behind this type of object is called Class. Object is an instance of the class.
MethodA method is a self-defined block of code that performs a specific task.

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