palindrome program in dart
palindrome program in dart

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In this dart programming article, we will learn what is a palindrome, A dart Programs on “how to check if a number is palindrome”, “check if string is palindrome or not”.

What is a Palindrome – number, string

Palindrome meaning(defination), A Number or a string when reversed looks same and pronounced same as it was before reversing.

For Example: 656 when reversed will be same, ( it’s a palindome number), 657 when reversed is 756 so ( it’s not a palindrome number). like wise 252,25252,49694.

String Example for palindrome: NITIN, MADAM, ABBA, MAM, STRAW WARTS, DAMMIT IM MAD.

Palindrome Number algorithm – Code Work flow

  1. Get a number to check if palindrome or not.
  2. Store the same number, in temp variable.
  3. Reverse number using mathematical operation or string methods.
  4. Now compare temp variable with the reversed number value.
  5. If both number match ‘Then it’s a palindrome number’
  6. Else ‘Not a Palindrome Number’

Now Let’s see a palindrome number program in dart language.

void main(){
  int reminder, sum =0, temp;
  int number = 54545;

  temp = number;

  // a loop to reverse a number
    reminder = number % 10;  //get remainder
    sum = (sum*10)+reminder;
    number = number~/10;
  if(sum == temp)
    print('Its A Palindrome number');

    print('Its A Not Palindrome number');

 // StringNumber();
palindrome number output
not a palindrome number

Palindrome program in dart programming language (Another way)

Here in below dart program, A user can input either a number or string to check for palindrome or not.

Here we are accepting a input from a user and then reverse the string and then matching them.

How to reverse a string in dart

import 'dart:io';
void main(){
print('Enter Words or number');
    // User enter a string or a number
    String? original =  stdin.readLineSync();
   // then we will reverse the input
   String? reverse = original!.split('').reversed.join('');

  // then we will compare
  if(original == reverse)
    print('Its A Palindrome');

    print('Its A Not Palindrome');
check is given input is palindrome or not a palindrome

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