AI & ML in Flutter App
ai in flutter app

Are you looking on how to implement ML/AI into your flutter app to take it to the next level? Do you want to unlock the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to create cutting edge applications? Then, Flutter App with ML/AL integration is easier than ever to create apps and integrate modern AI and machine learning capabilities. In this Article/blog post, We’ll explore Why flutter framework is best for building AI and ML enabled application!

What is Flutter and How Does it Work?

Flutter is a open source Application development framework, At the beginning using flutter framework developer used to only develop app for mobile devices (Android & iOS), and as flutter is cross platform development framework Now with single codebase Application developers can build application for Android, iOS, Web, Windows, Linux etc.

Flutter make used of Dart, a Programming language developed by google, that enables flutter developers to quickly write code and easily access native features.

This framework not only help developers in creating app faster, but all so provides a platform for programmer to integrate modern machine learning & artificial intelligence(AI) capabilities. It also provide a wide range of pre-build ML & AI kits, models & frameworks, That allows programmer to easily make use if then to integrate AI into flutter app.

Benefits of Using AI/ML in Flutter App Development

As you know that Flutter framework is a powerful & user-friendly platform for developing application for Android, iOS, Web with single codebase and has the ability to add cutting-edge AI and ML capabilities. Flutter makes it easier to add AI and ML-related features into the application with the intuitive and feature-rich set of APIs.

Flutter allows developers to build AI and ML-enabled applications without need to study the complex AI model, They can simply use this predefined AI model and implement the AI feature into the app just by using it API’s.

Integrating AI and ML into Your Flutter Apps

As discussed above, A Flutter is a powerful app development framework that makes it easy to integrate AI and Machine Learning (ML) in project. Flutter Official & it’s community provides a comprehensive suite of tools and libraries through which one can easily implement ML & AI in flutter.

Flutter simplifies the process of building machine learning models, developers can make use of existing technologies such as TensorFlow, Keras, and PyTorch. With these frameworks, developers can quickly and easily build models to power their applications and enable them to use AI and ML capabilities. Using AI & ML models app developer can add feature into their app using which users can do tasks like object recognition, image and video recognition, natural language processing, and more.

Exploring Flutter Libraries for AI and ML

Flutter a open source application development framework is user-friendly and developer friendly framework and thus building app with integrated AI and ML ability in it is easy in flutter. With Flutter, The developers can make use of wide range of pre-build AI libraries model in building app. These libraries has large set of helpful function and algorithms to create a powerful and efficient machine learning flutter.

Here is an Example: the TensorFlow Lite library allows developers to use TensorFlow’s powerful ML and DL in their apps. The library is specially know for training, building and deploying models, and even famous for optimizing performance and accuracy. Additionally, Their are many ML Library kits such as the Firebase ML Kit library which is mostly used for image and text recognition using mobile camera, We can build an Flutter app then capture image are recognize the text in that image.

Here is an android app example where I used Firebase ML kit for Text Recognition Using Firebase ML Kit – Text Recognition in Android.