Hi Guys, Welcome to Proto Coders Point. In this article let’s understand why flutter uses dart.

In flutter application developer, programmers loves building apps in flutter framework just because of the programming language it uses i.e. dart, At the time of inception about flutter, many experienced app developer analyzed and tested many language for flutter app building & at the end choose dart language. Here are few reason why does flutter use dart.

What is dart language

Dart programming language is an open-source, general purpose, object oriented programming language which make use of C-style syntax.

Who developed dart? => The Dart language is developed by Google in 2011.

The main purpose of developing dart language is to make easy in creating front end user interface for web and mobile app development.

Dart is compiled language so, it can’t be executed directly; instead, the compiler will parse it and send it to machine code.

dart supports the common concepts like classes, interface, functions. similar to any other programming language.

why flutter uses dart

Dart programming language manifesto is it makes use of AOT i.e. (Ahead Of Time), so AOT complies flutter dart code smoothly into native. This make developer enjoy the development process using dart for flutter app making.

Dart language has a ability of assigning object & garbage collection, without locks & does not require preemptive scheduling & memory sharing.

The main reason why flutter uses dart is, in flutter there is not separate layout language needed like JSX and XML, The layout i.e. UI design and backend programming can be code in single code, it makes developer to analyze the code and visualize the code with low effort.

In dart most of the features are similar to OOPS concept, is static and dynamic language, that make developer to learn dart quickly.

Feature of Dart language

  • OOPS: Dart is an object oriented programming language.
  • Fast code compilation: Start & Run Time performance must be great.
  • Portable: The Language is supported on any OS. (Cross Platform)
  • Ahead-of-Time:  (AOT) It is a Process of converting high level language into low level before execution of program, usually at build-time, to reduce the amount of work needed at run time.
  • Asynchronous Programming: Dart supports asynchronous programming which let your program run without getting blocked.