Why Flutter App Development is trending
Why Flutter App Development is trending in 2021

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Introduction to Flutter Application Development

A Flutter is a development framework/Kit, created by Google and its team. By using flutter as an app development kit you can develop applications for Android, iOS and Web that too from a single codebase (Code once and build installation setup for the various platforms).

Flutter Dart is an Object-Oriented Programming system concept (oops), which helps in the compilation of code to native code with no additional bridge. Thus it also helps in accelerating the start-up time of an application to a great extent.

Here are some points why flutter app development is trending in 2021

  • Flutter is based on a dart programming language which is the fastest object-oriented programming language and easy to learn.
  • It has a high-performance flutter rendering engine. They are pretty fast in loading widgets and customizable.
  • Due to awesome Widget speed in loading UI, Flutter provides you smooth and easy-to-use feel.
  • Same Business logic and UI design in all Platforms.
  • Flutter reduce code development time/ faster code development
  • The Flutter has its own rendering engine (Google’s Skia).
  • Flutter works almost on any platform.

Why Flutter Mobile App Development? – Pros of Flutter

Google-like company is a flutter backbone.

The main reason why flutter is trending rapidly in 2021 because flutter is been introduced by google, Google Flutter SDK that helps you in building a native application that works for mobile, Web, and also Desktop that too with the help of a single code

Customized Design & Impressive UI Design.

Flutter existing widgets can easily be customized & designed as per your Page UI Design. Flutter app developers can build super awesome app IU with less effort.

 Super Productive

As you know that Flutter comes with the best Feature that is Hot Reload Due to its stateFul development tools. Flutter allows for a very fast iterative coding style.

Perfect for Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Flutter dart framework that supplies MVP plan that requires limited time such as the project costing will be mininum.

Save lots of time.

As Flutter is a cross platform development framework, code one and distrubute app in several platform, this will save lots of time compaired to native application development.

Flutter Hot reload

Hot Reload feature of Flutter a functionality for instantaneous updates on any change in UI or Dart code, Furthermore. the Hot reload option in flutter allows developer to test the UI loading quickly.

Ready to use the widget.

it has a number of “ready to use” widgets in which most of the widgets help in material design UI concepts.

Community Support & Documentation

The Flutter Community Support is bit small as commpared to react or Ionic application. But Flutter Support is growing very fast now a days.

What is the future scope of Flutter?

I guess that the future scope is to become a successful cross-platform environment flutter for building great mobile apps for iOS, Android.

however, the Flutter community is quite energetic and new packages are added every day to Dart Package and I expect the frequency to grow loads when Flutter 1.0 will be released in all likelihood inside the no longer too far destiny.

Pros of Flutter

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