Flutter mobile app development for cross platform
Flutter mobile app development for cross platform

Hi Guys, Welcome to Proto Coders Point. In this Blog Post we will discuss on How Flutter is Useful for mobile App Development.

What is Flutter?

Flutter, a Framework developed by google is a free Cross Platform Framework that is been used to develop mobile application for android ,iOS.

In other words a Flutter is a Google UI tookkit that we can use to build a beautiful and native mobile application, web and desktop from a single codebase.

Why Flutter For Mobile App Development?

01. Open Source Platform

Flutter is an open source platform which makes it available for use and study by start-up for any given purpose. It’s more or less like an open-collaboration.

02. Custom Design and Navigation

The modern API with customizable features in flutter is a dream come true. it’s a perfect for navigation needs and does its own rendering.

03. Fast Development Cycle

When it come to Flutter, it’s a super blazing fast, it takes no more then 20 seconds for fully building an app.

04. Flutter Hot reload

Hot Reload feature of Flutter a functionality for instantaneous updates on any change in UI or Dart code, Furthermore. the Hot reload option in flutter allows developer to test the UI loading quickly.

05. Object Oriented

One of the maor problem that is solved by flutter is creating a visual user experience.Rather then using a non object oriented language, Flutter Relies on OOPS Development.

06. Super Productive

As you know that Flutter comes with best Feature that is Hot Reload Due to it’s stateFul development tools. Flutter Allows for a very fast iterative coding style.

07. Amazing Widget

Ready-made and custom widgets for fast UI coding.

Flutter Comes with wide range of ready made widget with beautiful UI. Not only it easy to use but it also provide an amazing Functionality App.

08. One code for 3 platform

Using Flutter for mobile aoo develooment the Developers can just write one codebase to develop app for more then 2 platform. This covering for android,iOS platforms.

09. Perfect for MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Flutter is best choice for app development because you can develop a MVP product that you can show to your investors about your Ideas, Especially if you have less time.

10. Community Support & Documentation

The Flutter Community Support is bit small as commpared to react or Ionic application. But Flutter Support is growing very fast now a days.

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