Hi Guys, Welcome to Proto Coders Point. This article is all about how to round number to decimal places in flutter/dart.

What do mean by round to decimal places

Check out below image

Flutter round number to decimal places will make use of a in-build method, .toStringAsFixed(2) will help us in getting how much fraction Digits we need after the decimal point and the last number will get round up.


var num = 15.12345;
  print(num.toStringAsFixed(3));      /// 

Here in .toStringAsFixed(3), Here 3 defines the parameter, How many decimal number you want after decimal point.


void main(){
 var n = 15.12345;
  print(n.toStringAsFixed(3));  //  15.123
  var x = 4.56;
   print(x.toStringAsFixed(1));  //   4.6
    var x1 = 4.53;
   print(x1.toStringAsFixed(1));   //   4.5
  var y = -1.55;
   print(y.toStringAsFixed(1));    //   -1.6
  var z = 10.5677;
   print(z.toStringAsFixed(3));    //    10.568

 var num = 10.85;
   print(z.toStringAsFixed(0));    //    10

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