Nodejs upload drive to google drive

Hi Guy’s Welcome to Proto Coders Point. This article is on how to upload files to Google Drive using NodeJS.

Uploading a file to google drive by using nodejs code take several steps, which include steps:

  • Creating Project in Google Cloud Console.
  • Enabling Google Drive API.
  • Creating Service Account Credentials.
  • Creating NodeJS Project and Install Necessary Libraries.
  • NodeJS Code to Upload File to Google Drive.

Step 1: Setup a Google Cloud Console Project:

  • Go to Google Cloud Console :
  • Create a new Project or select an existing one.
  • Now Navigate to “API’s & Services” > “Library”.
  • In Search for “Google Drive API” and click on enable button for your project.
how to enable google drive api

Step 2: Create Service Account Credentials API

In google cloud console, Navigate to “API’s & Services” > “Credentials”.

Click on “Create Credentials” > Select “Service Account”.

Enter Service Account Name, Service account ID then click DONE.

Step 3: Creating API Key JSON File for authentication

Once Service Account is been created, click on Service Account Email as soon in above image.

Then Click on Keys > Add Key > Create New Key

service account api key json file

This will create a json file download it, It contain api key by making use of which you can write a nodeJS Script that can upload files into your google drive.

Step 4: Creating a Folder & Give Access

Now, Once Service Account email is created, We need to create a Folder on Google Drive that will have full access permission for the service account we created, Basically share that folder with Service Account we created in above step.

Click on 3 dot on the folder that you want to share with service account, then click on share and enter the email address of service account and done.

Step 5: Creating NodeJS Project

Create a folder & open a terminal in that folder path itself.

In Terminal/CMD enter npm init to make normal folder into nodeJS project

Step 6: Installing required Library/Module

To upload files into google drive from Nodejs script we need few library:

fs (File Sytem) -> To work with Files of System.

googleapis -> To communicate with google drive API.

Install those using below cmd:

npm install fs googleapis

Step 7: Finally NodeJS Script/Function to Upload file to Google Drive using Google Drive API

In your NodeJS Project, paste the credential .json file download from above step.

In my project I have created a javascript code by name app.js, what will have a function that will upload file to google drive.


const fs = require('fs');
const { google }= require('googleapis');

const apikeys = require('./apikeys.json');
const SCOPE = [''];

// A Function that can provide access to google drive api
async function authorize(){
    const jwtClient = new google.auth.JWT(

    await jwtClient.authorize();

    return jwtClient;

// A Function that will upload the desired file to google drive folder
async function uploadFile(authClient){
    return new Promise((resolve,rejected)=>{
        const drive ={version:'v3',auth:authClient}); 

        var fileMetaData = {
            parents:['1bZoTbqCew34MGr1DfgczcA40ECM_QhKg'] // A folder ID to which file will get uploaded

                body: fs.createReadStream('mydrivetext.txt'), // files that will get uploaded
                return rejected(error)

authorize().then(uploadFile).catch("error",console.error()); // function call

Now run the code

node app.js