what is framework in prograaamming - types of framework used in development

Hi Guys, Welcome to Proto Coders Point. In this Article let’s know what is a framework in programming and different types of framework that are used for development.

Framework in programming

Software Framework, Is as foundation by which we development applications, With Framework in development, A Developers load become half, it helps developer to add new functionality into a application.

One Software Developer, don’t have to struggle from scratch to build application, when they already have framework tools built by some other developer and made the framework open source to use it.

In one sentence, A Framework software that helps developer to ease in building application.

Story Example to understand Framework easily

What is Framework in programming:-

Support you have to make tea daily with several ingredients to be added like tea powder, sugar, flavor spices, water, milk etc. Doing this on daily basic it very long process to make just a cup of tea, it difficult to put all the ingredient with current ratio all the time, you may forget some ingredient sometimes, you have to open all the ingredient one by one and keep track of how much ratio is been added.

Then, One morning you strike upon an idea of mising all the ingredient in one jar in one equal ratio, such that every spoon will serve the right ratio while making a cup of tea.

Here the jar is our framework, when you usually do lots of works on redular basis it just consumes lots of time if building whole application from scratch and thus a framework will not only save your development time it also provide right components to make application development fast and easy. Hope this helped you.

Types of frameworks

There are many types of frameworks the are currently used for building website application, Mobile Application, Machine Learning, data science and more. Here are few most popular frameworks that developers uses.

Frameworks for Web Application

Angular a front-end javascript framework, It’s famous and widely used as web development framework.

Django framework for web development, developed b Django Software Foundation, Been written in Python language, It’s secure fast and scalable.

Ruby on Rails, a framework written using Ruby language, Rails framework main motive is to make code less & less number of same event repetition. By using Rails famous website like Twitch, Hulu, Airbnb are developed & are currently live in market.

Express a back-end framework which Node.js, Express helps you in configuring the server and start server on port number eg: 3000.

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Mobile App Development framework

Flutter is a framework developed by google which uses dart programming language. Flutter is a cross platform application development framework by which we can deploy application from Mobile (Android & IOS), Website & Desktop. The main motive of Flutter is to speed up app development & creativity & user-friendly apps. Application build using flutter (ppt).

Xamarin framework, a Framework based on .NET by microsoft. It is a Single Shared codebase.

React Native, The popular are widely used open source framework developed by Facebook to build cross-platform applications. The application build using React native Discord, Shopify, Instagram and much more.

Ionic an another cross-platform framewor, It uses HTML, CSS & Javascript for building application.

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