how to reverse a string in python

Hi Guys, Welcome to Proto Coders Point, In this quick code snippet article, let’s learn different way to reverse a string in python with & without using python inbuild methods.

Different ways to reverse a string in python language

Let’s get Started

Example 1: Reverse a string in using for loop

Below example reverse a string without using inbuilt function in python

str = "ebutuoY no tnioP sredoC otorP ebircsbuS"
st =""
for i in str:
    st = i + st
reverse a string in python using for loop

Example 2: Reverse string in Python using an slice

We can easily reverse a string by using python operator called extended slice operator.

Basically slice operator in python accepts 3 parameters (start, stop & step), In below example for start & stop index we pass no value, which will by default start index from 0 and end with n-1, then in step parameter we pass -1, which means string be been slice and traverse from end of given string, up to the 1st index position and thus we have a reversed string.

def rev(s):
    s = s[::-1]
    return s
s = "Proto Coders Point"
print("The original string : ",s)

print("The reversed string : ",rev(s))

python reverse string using slice
slice to reverse string in python

Example 3:  python code to reverse a string using join & reversed function

Here we are using python reversed function that is an inbuild method using which we can reverse the given string

def rev(str):   
    rev_str = "". join(reversed(str)) 
    return rev_str 

s = "Proto Coders Point"  
print ("The original string : ",s)   
print ("The reversed string using join & reversed func : ",rev(s))
python reverse string using join & reversed